Sunday, February 10, 2013

A BIG update

 Last Sunday I noticed he was pretty cranky after church. We have afternoon church and he doesn't take a nap on Sunday's so I thought it was from lack of nap. Figuring he would have the next afternoon to catch up and it is normally not a problem we just went about the routine. Monday afternoon, after preschool, I took the kids to Hancock's (fabric store) and HyVee (grocery). Elliot was unusually fussy. When we got home I discovered he had a fever. Then I felt guilty for dragging him around. The next day he still had a fever with no other symptoms. No runny nose, no pulling ears, no cough, nothing! Just a fever. Wednesday morning he woke up again with a fever. The previous 2 nights he had also cried in the middle of the night. Still no symptoms. But I decided that since we were on Day 3 of fever and he had a little bit of the runs that it was time to call the doctor. I hate calling the doctor if there seems to be nothing going on. They wanted to see him since it was his third day of fever. My appointment wasn't until the late afternoon so I second guessed myself pretty much the whole day. Well turns out he had an ear infection! He never even had a runny nose. Now he is feeling a lot better.
 Today he wore one of Owen's old outfits to church. It is funny because Elliot can wear the shoes at age 19 months that Owen wore when he was 2 1/2 at the time Elliot was born. So Elliot is about one year ahead of Owen in the shoe size department.

Other things about Elliot---his favorite thing in the world, besides me, is MICKEY MOUSE (he calls it "nuh nuh" and has been for the past 7 months.) I got him this plush Mickey Mouse for Christmas and he has been sleeping with it ever since.
This past week I added a new blanket to his crib (and took out about 4, because this one is huge). My mom gave me this Mickey fabric at Christmastime and I found some great back fabric for it that is navy blue. It is funny because Elliot's nursery is supposed to be "safari animals" theme but it may as well be "Safari Mickey" with all the stuff we have in there.
We have gone to McDonald's every now and then and Elliot is now climbing to the top of the playplace and going down the slide. He is a daredevil.
He is now climbing on everything. His new favorite thing to do is climb on the kitchen chairs and STAND on them. He is extremely proud of himself. I have to admit I am proud he can climb but I hate it at the same time. It is so dangerous. I can't count the number of times I have found him standing on the train table or standing at the edge of the couch. So scary! Owen never did stuff like this! 
 On Friday we got to watch a couple of kids (Age 6 and 3) for about 5 hours and we had such a great time. I made Rice Krispie treats for them. We played Candyland. I was initially worried about how the day would go with 4 kids on my own but we had so much fun we never even turned the TV on (I had that in my back pocket). I have really enjoyed doing crafts with Owen lately so I was brave enough to let all the kids work on a craft together. This is totally out of my comfort zone to set up a craft and let kids do it. I know it sounds weird. We did this craft. The writer of this post is Cameron's cousin's wife.

This year we have been asked to bring Valentines to school. There are 9 students in Owen's class. They gave us the class list. One morning Owen and I spent an hour working on these. I would draw half a heart on a folded up page and write the name BIG on a separate sheet of paper. Then he would cut out the heart by himself and write the name by himself (looking at the BIG name) on the heart. I would have to help him with a couple letters here and there but he did so great. Toward the end he started getting tired of doing it but I made him push through until we were done. It took a whole hour to do. OK, my brain hurt a little too at the end but it made me feel good to help Owen with this and see it through. I have also been working on doing "School" with him each day. All it is, is we do 2 pages a day in a workbook of tracing letters. It is not too intensive so I know that I really will be able to do with him every day and it won't be too overwhelming for either of us. However if we do crafts like above we do not do school since he is getting good letter-writing practice in.

 Doesn't he look so old? I am loving the 4 year old age. The other day we drove past a new pizza restaurant in the area and Owen said, we should go there sometime. I will be honest I think it sounds and looks gross. It is called Pizza Ranch. There are a bunch of yellow delivery cars out front. Even though I haven't been inside and you shouldn't knock it till you try it all I can visualize is greasy pizza sitting underneath orange-hued heat lamps in some oak buffet setup with stained glass decor and "greenery" hanging from the edges. The whole idea is horrid. So I told Owen, well I don't really like pizza. Then he said, "That's okay, you don't have to go, we will go without you." Then a minute later, "Do you like salad mom?" I said, yes, then he said "Do they have salad there?" Yes I replied. Then, "Well you can just have a salad."

Also I don't have a picture of it but Owen is getting really good at swimming! He can now float on his back and swim 2-3 strokes on his own. Cameron has been taking him to the Y (Not BYU, the YMCA) for additional swimming practice/fun on Saturday's and it is helping a lot. 
Cameron had Martin Luther King's Day off so we....went to Homemakers. It is like a 90s version of Ikea. It is a 2 story furniture store and they offer free lemonade and cookies (and a fun ride for the kids, see above). Honestly it is hard finding stuff to do around here in the winter but somehow we have gotten through it.

Before Christmas I made stockings for each member of our family.
Here is a closeup of Cameron's. I love the gold rick rack and the little loop. This was a fun project! Cameron's and Owen's stockings are this scarlet color and the other stockings are a very dark hunter green.
Since a few weeks ago I have been on a hot pad-making-extravaganza lately. 8 of these are for the ladies I visit teach plus my companion. I took all my scraps out and was shocked to see how much coordinating fabric I had. The bottom right one is supposed to be mine. But it is all being put on hold for 2 weeks. Last night I was sewing a hot pad together when my sewing needle got STUCK in the down position inside my machine with the hot pad in between the presser foot and bobbin area. So dreams of giving these out as valentines gifts are put on hold....

Before the big breakdown I managed to get a few done.
The other side is white and yellow chevron and I love it better.
Made some of these.

And, after sewing all of these 9-patch hot pad "tops" I now find myself in the mood to make a quilt! But again...dreams are on hold till the machine is fixed.
Me & Cameron
We have been going on a date about every other week. Last night we went to a Japanese restaurant. I think that we had the best seat in the house. We got to sit at a "bar" (sushi bar) right in front of the chef and while we were waiting for our food we got to watch him assemble sushi rolls. I loved watching how he cut avocado in thin, horizontal slices, and he would just grab rice out of his rice cooker with his own hand like it was ice cream scoop. We also watched him put plastic wrap around a sushi roll wrapped in seaweed and rice. The plastic wrap kept the roll together, then he cut it into smaller rolls and removed the wrap. It was so cool and so much fun!! I was too much of a chicken to try sushi so I had the teriyaki salmon. It was good...and you're going to laugh..but the rice was amazing!! 


Amber Brady said...

You are so talented Hillary! I love the hot pads! Elliot looks so big now & so does Owen! You are such a good mom to work on school & crafts with your kids. That stuff gives me anxiety. Lol. Kyle & I really need to go on dates more often. Every other week sounds great. We NEVER go on dates. Like ever. I am too cheap for a sitter & I feel bad asking favors. Oh well. Maybe I will swap some other moms in our ward for babysitting. Anyway, great update!

Mom said...

Owen really is looking older. That was a great picture.