Friday, November 22, 2013


Each day that this baby is not here is another day to work hard!
And I am not just talking about cleaning dishes and countertops and bathrooms because that stuff will happen no matter what
Since about July I have been working hard to organize my "nest."
Some of these things have included:
Bulking up our 3 month food supply and stocking up on other items like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning items, toiletries, and baby stuff--diapers, shampoo, ointment
All bedrooms--Cleaning out and reorganizing drawers
The playroom--Cleaning out toy boxes, organizing toy baskets, putting train table together, sorting out the baby toys
Making a dysfunctional corner cupboard in our kitchen good for something
Putting away clothing from the boys that is too small or out of season--I like to use diaper boxes for this
Scrubbing spotty and greasy-finger-printed walls
Cleaning out and reorganizing end table drawers and making those functional
Getting all the baby clothes and hats and supplies out, washing them, and finding a place for them since Elliot is still using the nursery (I ultimately ended up cleaning out one of my dresser drawers to make space for baby's stuff).
Getting rid of non-working or old electronics that we no longer use

This is not to mention all of the "extra" nesting stuff:
Baking and freezing 6 dozen muffins of assorted flavors
Preparing extra food for dinner and putting some away in the freezer (the stuff that is freeze-able)
Husked 4 dozen ears of corn, boiled, ice bath, filled up Ziplocs

Also had the opportunity to sew bibs, burp cloths, hats, and blankets for this baby.

This is all in addition to the normal, every-day work I do as a mother. It has been a lot and I think I will be relieved to relax and recover at the hospital for a couple of days with a newborn.

Our garbage container was super full this week.


James said...

Your ambition is intimidating. :^) Hope all continues well.

Mr. and Mrs. Hillarious said...

Whew! You go mama!

Mom said...

That's awesome. I always loved the extra motivation I felt before the baby came.

Bryan and Nancy said...

You are simply AMAZING! If I could grab hold of just a little of that ambition and ingenuity and talent.... Way to go!