Sunday, February 9, 2014

I am currently away from my desk

If you have wondered where I have been and why I have not blogged I will tell you:
It is not currently a priority.

So if you are checking this blog for updates, I am sorry but they will not be here! 

Instead I am sending out a newsletter-type email once every few months to my friends and family members.

I am also:

A full-time milk supplier, baby burper, nose suctioner (hello RSV) and bum-wiper to my 2-month-old

A friend, teacher, and round-the-clock go-to-the-bathroom-reminder to my 2-year old

A reading, math, arts teacher and personal preschool chauffeur to my 5-year-old

A family historian who tries daily to document the lives of her own family through photo and text 

A young women's advisor in charge of preparing about 3 lessons a month for Sunday class 

A housekeeper trying to meet the hourly demands of a family of 5; cooking, laundry, dishes, garbage, straightening, putting away, cooking, laundry, dishes, gar...oops, am I repeating myself?

And have I forgotten about me? The dreams are there...the time is not! So in the meanwhile I will continue enjoying this stage where I am at. I am loving motherhood so much. It truly is a blessing!


Mom said...

Clever post. Busy is the name of the game for a while. I'm glad you are enjoying it all.

The Bond Clan said...

I feel the same way! I love the life of little kids. Sometimes I marvel I do keep up! We must have angels helping us! Jenni Bond